Monthly archive for October 2009

Dispensationalism must be wrong – Part One

A number of arguments are regularly used to try to discredit dispensationalism and conclude that it is flawed and must be wrong as a theological system. Interestingly, two frequent arguments against dispensationalism are based on the history of dispensationalism, having nothing to do with theology or exegesis. One argument attempts to discredit dispensationalism with the…Read more

New Atheist Richard Dawkins “gives away the farm”

Richard Dawkins was interviewed by Ben Stein in the 2008 documentary "Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed." The ABI video below contains an excerpt from that documentary (more…) →Read more

Worldviews: Are You Hindu Yet?

In August, Jonathan Falwell wrote an article entitled "Are You Hindu Yet?" which was published on the World Net Daily website. Falwell cites an article in the August 15 edition of Newsweek entitled "We Are All Hindus Now." These articles discuss the changing worldview of Americans (worldview can be understood of the sum total of…Read more

“Pub Theology 000” by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Larry DeBruyn, the guest writer of this ABI blog post, received his Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1974 and has been the Pastor of Franklin Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana for many years. Pastor DeBruyn has published two books; regularly writes articles as a guest contributor on several websites; is a conference speaker;…Read more

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