New Atheist Richard Dawkins “gives away the farm”

Richard Dawkins was interviewed by Ben Stein in the 2008 documentary “Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed.”

The ABI video below contains an excerpt from that documentary – and is a “must see.”

In the interview, in arguably scientific fashion, Dawkins does not want to put the probability against God’s existence at 100%.

But more importantly, professor Dawkins effectively “gives away the farm” when he concedes that there might actually be biochemical evidence for intelligent design of life on earth – even though he further postulates that this would have had to have been due to seeding by aliens of higher intelligence that would have had to evolve elsewhere in the universe by some Darwinian-type mechanism.

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  1. Good segment with great comments. Thank you. It was interesting to see Dawkins concede how there is “information” encoded in DNA and intelligent design apparent in living things which might suggest “higher beings” were involved – but, of course, not the God of the Bible, which he says would be a frightening prospect. The God of the Bible is to be feared and revered, indeed. Let’s pray that Dawkins will be saved. His friend Alister McGrath wrote a gracious response to Dawkin’s book “The God Delusion” in his book “The Dawkins Delusion?” Perhaps God will use such colleagues to get through to Dawkins before it is too late. I hope so.

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