Monthly archive for August 2010

Glenn Beck’s “Black-Robed Regiment”

Should we be concerned about Glenn Beck's 8/28 "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington? I have watched Glenn Beck almost every day since he has been in the 5 o'clock slot on the FoxNews channel and I agree with virtually everything that he says about the fact that we have been witnessing the decline of the…Read more

ABI Quick Survey: Mark Galli’s CT article

ABI Quick Survey: What is your opinion of the July 15 CT article by Mark Galli? A couple of days ago, I published a blog (copied below) concerning an article written by Mark Galli for Christianity Today. If you have read the comments following the article on the CT website, you have seen mixed responses…Read more

Christianity Today: God – the “Divine Drama Queen”

Christianity Today Senior Managing Editor Mark Galli's recent article sparks controversy. Christianity Today's identification as "A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction" will almost certainly be called into question once again by many readers because of a July 15 article by Mark Galli in which he calls God "such a drama queen." He reduces God to being…Read more

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