ABI Ministry Update

Annual ABI Ministry Trip to Ukraine & Hungary

Great news! The Lord has provided $2450 of the $2500 that we were hoping to put together for this trip. We are very thankful to Him and to those who have given toward this project. It is a great encouragement – and allows us to continue this very important part of the ABI ministry. So a heart-felt “Thank you” is due all those who generously gave to this project!


Teaching Ministry in Review
(over the last 16 months)

I know that one question people often have about the ministry of ABI concerns what my personal ministry involves. Well, among many things, it involves a whole lot of teaching – and preparing courses to teach.

As I started adding up the teaching opportunities the Lord has provided since just last January it was more than I had even realized! By the end of my trip to Ukraine and Hungary over the next three weeks, in just 16 months, I will have taught a total of 21 courses – with 10 of them being new ones that needed to be developed.

(New courses in blue)

Grace College: Prison Extension
– Survey of the Old Testament
– Systematic Theology
– Global Perspectives
– Spiritual Development

Community Bible Church
– Systematic Theology
– Faith and the Will of God (adults)
– Faith and the Will of God (teens)
– Conflict of the Ages
– Signs, Wonders and the Charismatic Movement
– Old Testament Survey

Word of Life Bible Institutes
– Critique of the Charismatic Movement (Ukraine)
– Roman Catholicism (Hungary 2010)
– Roman Catholicism (Hungary 2011)
– Critique of the Charismatic Movement (Hungary)
– Exposition of Matthew (Korea)
– Current Theological Trends (Philippines)
– Exposition of 1, 2 Timothy and Titus (Canada)
– World Religions (Ukraine)
– Conflict of the Ages (Hungary)

Prophecy Today, School of Prophets
– Eschatalogical Options

Whew! I think you can see just how important and strategic your involvement in ABI actually is. Your partnership – your prayers and gifts – is what makes this possible. You are making an eternal difference in the lives of many of the next generation’s leaders around the world.


The 50-50 Project

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, our financial support has not kept pace with the growing level of ministry. The low level of support coming in to the ministry necessitated a $1000 reduction in my salary in March to $1500 per month.

To try to bring our support to a level that would allow us to sustain the ministry at the current level, I have put into place a plan that I’m calling the “50-50” project because the total of the numbers from 1 to 100 is $5050.

I still have a lot of ideas and a lot of vision for where the ABI ministry could go with the right team behind us. So, we’re hoping to add 96 new ministry partners who will commit to give a monthly support amount corresponding to one of the squares in the above table – with the goal of having the entire table filled by the end of this year.  (If several people choose the same number, I will work out the average around the number.)

Over the last couple of weeks, we have added a new supporter in the $100 per month slot. Perhaps you could also consider joining with us as a ministry partner. We trust that with each additional financial supporter we will also be gaining a much-needed prayer partner.









If you would like to be a part of the ministry in this way, please take just a moment to send me an email with the amount you would like to give on a monthly basis – and I will keep the results updated with each ABI update.

Click here to send me an email: djames@biblicalintegrity.org

I look forward to hearing from many of those who regularly receive these updates.

In His Care,

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