ABI Advisory Board

Because the Alliance for Biblical Integrity is not set up as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and operates financially as a ministry associate of World in Need, International of Celebration, Florida, we do not have an official board of directors. Rather, the Lord has allowed us to put into place an advisory board of several men who provide oversight, guidance and invaluable counsel concerning the ongoing ministry and development of ABI. These men each have a proven track record of being spiritual leaders with giftedness, spiritual insight and integrity that have allowed them to experience the Lord’s hand of blessing, minister to hundreds and thousands of people over the years, expertly handle the Word of God and demonstrate commitment and excellence in ministry that is clearly recognized by the Body of Christ in their repective areas. We thank the Lord that he has allowed us to assemble such a fine group to serve as an advisory board to the ministry of The Alliance for Biblical Integrity.

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