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Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience

When I checked my Inbox on Saturday morning I found an email from Jimmy DeYoung (one of ABI's co-founders) concerning the Manhattan Declaration. Because the Manhattan Declaration was still breaking news, Jimmy wanted to discuss it on his weekly radio program. So I quickly went to work trying to learn as much as I could…Read more

Chatting with an atheist

For the past couple of weeks I have been in an ongoing chat conversation with someone who self-identifies as an atheist. He connected with me after a discussion concerning a recent ABI blog. Over the course of our discussion I have asked him a number of questions, including those below in one form or another.…Read more

Dispensationalism must be wrong – Part One

A number of arguments are regularly used to try to discredit dispensationalism and conclude that it is flawed and must be wrong as a theological system. Interestingly, two frequent arguments against dispensationalism are based on the history of dispensationalism, having nothing to do with theology or exegesis. One argument attempts to discredit dispensationalism with the…Read more

New Atheist Richard Dawkins “gives away the farm”

Richard Dawkins was interviewed by Ben Stein in the 2008 documentary "Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed." The ABI video below contains an excerpt from that documentary (more…) →Read more

Worldviews: Are You Hindu Yet?

In August, Jonathan Falwell wrote an article entitled "Are You Hindu Yet?" which was published on the World Net Daily website. Falwell cites an article in the August 15 edition of Newsweek entitled "We Are All Hindus Now." These articles discuss the changing worldview of Americans (worldview can be understood of the sum total of…Read more

“Pub Theology 000” by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Larry DeBruyn, the guest writer of this ABI blog post, received his Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1974 and has been the Pastor of Franklin Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana for many years. Pastor DeBruyn has published two books; regularly writes articles as a guest contributor on several websites; is a conference speaker;…Read more

“Cheap Grace?” by Dr. Roy Zuck

This blog is by guest contributor, Dr. Roy Zuck. Dr. Zuck is Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary and the editor of the theological journal Bibliotheca Sacra. He is the author or editor of many books including Basic Bible Interpretation, Bible Knowledge Commentary, A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament and A…Read more

Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

I am writing from Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, in the middle of the second annual Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics. One of the first charges leveled against dispensationlists and dispensationalism is that this system of theology lacks all academic credibility and depth. It is further often charged that dispensationalism and particularly…Read more

Worldviews: Born-Again and Unbiblical? – Part I

Several days ago, I posted a blog with questions / topics proposed by an ABI Facegroup member. This post deals with one of those topics - "worldview." _________________________________ It would be natural to expect that Christians would have most of their values, morals, ethics - their overall philosophy of life - to be informed and…Read more

Important Questions from a Reader

Today, I received an email from an ABI Facebook Group member with some questions and issues that this person would like for us to consider as topics to be addressed on the ABI website and/or blog. I have also encountered these myself in a variety of contexts including ministry situations, articles and books, blogs and…Read more

Church – For People Who *Do* Like Church

(This article is available in downloadable and printable PDF, 2-column article format: Click here to download) The following are examples of some slogans that are currently in use by churches in America (as reported on "Real church...Real People" "The Church of Tomorrow...Today!" "Equipping People for Life" "The Small Church with a Big Dream" "The…Read more

The Shack: “But it’s just fiction…”

(This article is available in downloadable and printable PDF, 2-column article format: Click here to download) Even though I just posted a review of The Shack on the ABI website by Glenn Kreider, I wanted to take a few moments to further discuss an issue that I have both read and heard in a sort…Read more

Does “I am the way…” Teach Universalism?

This appears to be the essence of Brian McLaren's claims concerning John 14:6 in one of the chapters of his upcoming book A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions that are Transforming the Faith (to be released in February 2010). On his blog, Mr. McLaren writes the following in response to a comment received from…Read more

The Problem of “Red-Letter” Bibles

(This article is available in downloadable and printable PDF, 2-column article format: Click here to download) I subscribe to Google Alerts because they are a very helpful research tool. If you're not familiar with Google Alerts, when you subscribe, you can put in topics or names - and then, almost real-time, whenever these "hits" appear…Read more

The Beginnings of ABI – Part IV

I have mentioned the email to Jimmy DeYoung asking about whether there was a need for an organization similar to the Pre-Trib Study Group to help hold the line on historic, conservative evangelicalism. This is where we pick up the conclusion of the story about the beginnings of ABI. _________________________ A couple of days after…Read more

The Beginnings of ABI – Part III

In that first two-line email to Jimmy DeYoung in June, 2008, I had mentioned the "Pre-Trib Study Group." ___________________ The Pre-Trib Study Group  (now the Pre-Trib Research Center - was started in 1992 by Tim LaHaye and Tommy Ice out of a concern that they were witnessing a broad departure away from Pretribulational Premillennialism…Read more

The Beginnings of ABI – Part II

Even though our decision to move back to the U.S. and start a new ministry probably seemed very sudden to many, it was actually the culmination of a long process of preparation through which the Lord had taken us. ------------------------------ I wrapped up the previous post with: This prompted me to write a simple two-line…Read more

The Beginnings of ABI – Part I

I'm sure many have wondered about the details of our transition from being with Word of Life in Hungary for 16 years to returning to the States to be involved with launching the new ministry of The Alliance for Biblical Integrity. Now that a year has passed since we first began thinking about the transition,…Read more

Welcome to the ABI weblog!

Thanks for visiting! This is the first blog posting for The Alliance for Biblical Integrity. I hope to post several times a week, discussing various issues involving biblical hermeneutics and the current theological trends which are causing doubt and confusion concerning God and His Word. I also hope to regularly post blogs from guest writers,…Read more
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