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This is the first blog posting for The Alliance for Biblical Integrity.

I hope to post several times a week, discussing various issues involving biblical hermeneutics and the current theological trends which are causing doubt and confusion concerning God and His Word. I also hope to regularly post blogs from guest writers, as well as link to other blogs on relevant topics at various sites across the web.

The ABI blog and the ABI website are both under ongoing development and there should significant progress on both in the coming weeks.

Please check back often and sign up (to the left) for new blog alerts via email. (If you subscribe, you will also have the opportunity to later unsubscribe if you wish.)

Dave James
Ministry Coordinator
The Alliance for Biblical Integrity

Who We Are

The Alliance for Biblical Integrity is an association of individual believers, churches, educational institutions and organizations that are committed to the authoritative inerrant Word of God, an historical, grammatical interpretation of the Bible and the historically accepted fundamentals of the faith. We believe that the consistent application of a biblical hermeneutic necessarily leads to a classic dispensational view of the outworking of God’s program in history.

The Purpose of ABI

The Alliance for Biblical Integrity seeks to equip believers to be faithful to the Lord and His Word by teaching and promoting a biblical hermeneutic and worldview, while exposing and responding to unbiblical theology, practices, trends and movements.

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