ABI Courses, Conferences and Seminars

We offer a highly developed series of courses, conferences and seminars on a wide variety of topics that can be tailored and customized for the exact needs of schools, churches, and other ministry organizations.

The topics listed under “Courses and Conference” can be done in either format. As courses, they are designed to be taught at the undergraduate or graduate level – and can generally be done as a 10-20 hour module. As conferences, they are designed to be flexible enough to be done in 6 to 10 sessions, depending the needs of the particular ministry.

The Current Theological Issues course is a compilation of various seminars listed separately under “Seminars,” with individual topics being added or removed periodically depending on the issues that are most important at any given time or as requested by a particular school, church or other ministry organization.

Topics listed as “Courses Only” could be also be done in a conference, but are primarily designed to be done more in a more academic setting.

Most of the individual seminars are designed to be done in a single 45-50 minute session, although some of them work better when done in a couple of sessions.

If your church, school or other ministry organization would be interested in having Dave James speak on any of these subjects as a class, a conference or as individual seminars, please contact us by filling out the form (below the galleries) with your inquiry and we’ll get back with you, generally within 24 hours.

SEMINARS (17 offered)


COURSES ONLY (15 offered)

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