About ABI

The Alliance for Biblical Integrity is an association of individual believers, churches, educational institutions and organizations that are committed to the authoritative inerrant Word of God, an historical, grammatical interpretation of the Bible and the historically accepted fundamentals of the faith. We believe that the consistent application of a biblical hermeneutic necessarily leads to a classic dispensational view of the outworking of God’s program in history.

The Need for ABI

Historically, evangelicals have been those who identify themselves as having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, being born-again through faith in Him and thus spiritually enabled by the Spirit to understand, accept and appropriate God’s revealed truth (1 Corinthians 2:14). This reasonably resulted in relatively uniform agreement among evangelical believers regarding core doctrines of the faith. “Evangelical” was intended to be indicative of one’s spiritual condition and personal commitment to specific doctrinal truths as informed by a consistently biblical hermeneutic.

However, the definition has changed. For many, “evangelical” now tends to accommodate a much broader spectrum of theological views and traditions. “Evangelical” can mean anyone who self-identifies as a “born-again” believer in Christ independent of other theological issues. Or it can mean someone who generally embraces Christ’s teachings for what are considered their general philosophical and spiritual insights. For some in the latter group, Jesus’ message was not primarily about bringing people into a right relationship with God through repentance and faith, but was rather about social justice and bringing God’s kingdom to earth through properly loving God and one another.

Agreement on fundamental doctrines was once viewed as part of what it meant to be evangelical and essential to unity, fellowship and cooperation among believers. These doctrines included (but were not necessarily limited to) the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, the nature of God and man, the nature of Christ’s atoning death on the cross, salvation as justification by faith alone in Christ alone, the work of the Holy Spirit, the Second-Coming of Christ and the eternal fate of those who have not trusted in Christ.

The founders of The Alliance for Biblical Integrity believe that developments such as post-modern Neo-liberalism and Emergence Christianity, the Charismatic Movement in its various forms, Neo-Calvinism and Neo-reformed views, the post-Vatican II Catholic Church and others, are all contributing to an erosion or even an abandonment of historical evangelicalism. These theological movements and trends have departed from a biblical hermeneutic and interpretation of the Word of God, even to the point of heresy.

The reasons for the founding of The Alliance for Biblical Integrity include:

  1. the need to help pastors stay true to the Word of God through encouragement, fellowship, resources and continuing instruction, discipleship and mentoring

  2. the need to expose these unbiblical theologies, philosophies, movements and trends

  3. the need to increase biblical literacy among believers, equipping them to recognize and respond to these problems on the basis of a biblical hermeneutic

  4. the need to help believers apply the knowledge of God’s Word, so that they can develop a biblical worldview and live a holy life that is pleasing to God

  5. identifying and developing potential leaders to continue this ministry until Christ returns for His Church

The Purpose of ABI

The Alliance for Biblical Integrity seeks to equip believers to be faithful to the Lord and His Word by teaching and promoting a biblical hermeneutic and worldview, while exposing and responding to unbiblical theology, practices, trends and movements.

Summary of the ABI Strategy

The Alliance for Biblical Integrity seeks to develop an international network of individuals, churches, educational institutions, and ministry organizations that share our beliefs, concerns and vision for ministry.

ABI first and foremost seeks to help local churches provide ongoing biblical education opportunities for believers, while promoting evangelism of the lost. We will also be able to provide speakers for services, classes, pastors briefings and conferences.

Our website offers an increasing number of resources including articles, books, teaching materials, links to other sites, as well as recommended churches, educational institutions, organizations, and speakers. Future ministry could potentially expand to publishing and media ministries such as traditional radio and television programs, as well as digital media such as internet broadcasting in various forms.

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