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Salvation Testimony

I was born on July 2, 1958 in Shelbyville, Indiana and grew up in south-central Indiana. I did not grow up in a Christian home, although I believe my father was a believer. I am not sure of when I actually became a believer. I made a profession of faith when I was about 12 years old as a result of briefly attending Bible church and my dad talking with me about Christ. However, we did not attend church, I was not discipled and did not grow in my faith.

After high school, in1976, I began studying engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. Unfortunately, going to parties soon began to be a major part of my life and this almost ended my college career. However,  Karen, my future wife, encouraged me to make a turn-around in my studies and I did graduate in 1980 with a degree in mechanical engineering.
Karen grew up in a Catholic home and community. She attended Saint Mary of the Woods College graduating with a degree in history and secondary education. Although somewhat religious, she was not a born-again believer.

After graduation, we were married and I took a job as a manufacturing engineer in my hometown, while Karen worked in accounting and banking.

In 1981, I joined a country band, playing in bars almost every weekend. This lifestyle led to a drinking problem and almost ruined our marriage. By 1984, I was seriously considering divorce, leaving engineering and trying to pursue a career in music.

However, the Lord intervened through a friend who had talked with me about Christ for five years.  During that entire time I had never listened to him and thought he was a fool.  But in the summer of 1984, the Lord used him to bring me to genuine faith in Christ. Within just a few weeks of trusting Christ for salvation, the Lord restored our marriage, took away the alcohol and gave me a new sense of direction and purpose in life. Within the next couple of months, Karen had also trusted in Christ for her salvation as well. We began attending a Bible-teaching church and we soon felt the Lord was directing us toward full-time ministry.

Educational background

In 1985, we attended the Word of Life Bible Institute. In 1986, I enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary. In 1987, I was invited to Word of Life and to be the Dean of Men at the Bible Institute.  What was to be only a one-year internship turned into almost three years of ministry.

In 1989, we believed the Lord was leading us to Hungary to be missionaries with Word of Life and start a Bible institute.  So, in 1990 we returned to Dallas to finish my M.A. in Biblical Studies. We arrived in Hungary on December 30, 1992.

Ministry career

During the time that I was the director of the WOL Hungary Bible School (1994-2009), over 300 students from 27 different countries attended the two-year undergraduate-level program. The majority of the graduates are currently either in or preparing for full-time ministry. Most of the WOL Hungary staff are graduates of the Bible school, as well.

In 2004, I became the Associate Director of the WOL Hungary ministry, while continuing my responsibilities as Director of the Bible School and Director of Technical Services. I also served as the teaching elder of our local church for several years.

I have taught and ministered internationally in a number of countries including the United States, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, India, South Korea and the Philippines.

In  2008, we sensed the Lord leading us to a new phase in our lives to start a new ministry. I and three other men in full-time ministry established a ministry called “The Alliance for Biblical Integrity” (ABI). Our goal is to promote and reclaim a biblical hermeneutic and world-view within the evangelical community in the U.S. and abroad. We do this through a resource website, conferences, preaching in local churches, teaching courses in schools, writing and a variety of other ministries.

With the blessing and encouragement of the WOL’s leadership we returned to the U.S. in February, 2009 to begin developing ABI into a full-time ministry.

In January 2010, I joined the faculty of Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana as an adjunct professor and began teaching in their extension program at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (a medium and maximum security state prison). Unfortunately, this opportunity came to an end in May 2011 when the state de-funded all undergrad education in the prison system.

In 2011, I began working with one of ABI’s cofounders, Jimmy DeYoung, directing and teaching in his graduate-level degree program in advanced eschatology (which functions under the authority of Louisiana Baptist University).

In 2012, I was able to write my first book, The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?, which was published by The Berean Call. (This book is a formal review and rebuttal of Jonathan Cahn’s 2012 bestseller, The Harbinger.

We are members of Community Bible Church in Paris, Illinois, where Dave Laborde is pastor. I am an elder in the church and regularly teach adult Sunday School and Wednesday evening Bible studies.

As part our tent-making process until the ABI ministry is self-supporting, I do freelance graphic and multimedia design in conjunction with developing high-end business presentations which are used in a variety of venues, from presenting business plans to potential investors to classroom education to looping presentations for trade show booths and everything in between.

Additional family info

Karen and I have two children, Chris and Becky. Both are believers and walking with the Lord, having trusted Christ at a young age. Both are bilingual and bi-cultural, having lived in Hungary most of their lives.

Karen is currently working at Indiana State University as part of our tent-making process in ministry.

Chris graduated from the Hungarian school system and graduated from the WOL Hungary Bible School in May, 2009. He was married in May 2010 to a Hungarian young lady who is also a graduate of the Bible School. They are parents to our first grandchild, Amy, born in February 2011 and moved to the States in September 2011 to finish their education. Their long term plans include being missionaries somewhere internationally.

Becky also graduated from the WOL Hungary Bible Institute in May 2012 and returned to the States to complete her education and work on long-terms plans. She also has tentative plans to be a missionary, as well.

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