Guiding Principles

For the sake of consistency, integrity and accountability, those ministering in the name of The Alliance for Biblical Integrity (ABI) shall be guided by the following principles in all public and private ministry and business practices:

  1. The primary purpose of ABI is to bring the greatest glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and the greatest honor to God’s Word.

  2. As individual believers, our primary responsibility is to love the Lord with our entire being and to love others as ourselves. Such love is characterized by faithful obedience to the Word of God and a sense of responsibility and accountability to one another.

  3. Anyone formally associated with ABI or who may represent the ministry in an official capacity shall be in full agreement with the ABI Statement of Faith and these Guiding Principles for Ministry. If someone determines that such agreement no longer exists they will voluntarily discontinue their ministry relationship with ABI.

  4. The complementary goals of evangelism and discipleship will be at the heart the ministry of ABI whether it be at the local or international level. We will present the gospel clearly, challenge people to trust Christ, and encourage them to serve Him fully.

  5. All ministry will be done with a kind, gracious, and humble spirit. We will strive to avoid styles and remarks that could be understood as cynical, sarcastic, or prideful. Although exposure of unbiblical theology and practices may appropriately necessitate a certain amount of criticism or even negativity, we will primarily focus on the issues themselves and the relevant biblical texts in the most positive manner possible. We will refrain from ad hominem attacks and straw-man argumentation.

  6. We will use discretion, care and restraint in “naming names” of individuals or organizations, and only do so for the sake of clarity and to the degree necessary to protect others from unbiblical teachings and practices.

  7. We shall endeavor to document everything with primary source material, avoiding secondary source material and especially hearsay whenever possible because of its potentially questionable accuracy.

  8. The Bible will be our primary source for dealing with doctrinal issues, being careful to understand and convey the contextual meaning of each passage. Appropriate citation of relevant verses will be made when speaking and writing.

  9. We will always strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence and integrity in every aspect of our ministry, including financial accountability and business transactions, observing all applicable local, state, national and international laws.

  10. We will avoid political activism, as well as public or published statements about political parties or individuals in the political arena. If there are biblical issues of ethics or morality in question, we will focus on the issues themselves and not attempt to characterize the positions or beliefs of political parties or individuals at the local, state, national, or international level.

  11. To preserve the unity and fellowship of the ministry team, we will always strive to work through all major issues by achieving consensus among the leadership of ABI concerning the most biblical course of action in any given situation.

  12. If someone is no longer in agreement with or following these guiding principles with a clear conscience and a willing spirit, then there will be an openness to accountability to one another, accompanied by a genuine desire to have a change of heart and mind, and to seek forgiveness when appropriate. If this is not possible for whatever reason, then that person agrees to voluntarily remove himself from a ministry relationship with The Alliance for Biblical Integrity.

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