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I have set up this portion of the ABI website to provide the potential for a small amount of ministry support through the Associate Program. At the present time, those who buy any of the books listed here generate a commission of  about 4%  of the sales price that we then will receive as income directly from Of course, realistically, we understand that this will usually only amount to just a very few dollars each month, especially early on. Our hope is that the traffic to our website will experience an increase in traffic over time and that our regular visitors will bookmark this page so that our supporters just naturally choose to go to through this page as their “portal” to the website. So, we would encourage, and deeply appreciate if everyone would consider taking this slight detour to the ABI website on their way to buy a book or other product on

The books that  I recommend here are almost always books that I have either purchased and read myself already, or know them well enough to recommend them without reservations so that the ready may be confident that they can trust both the book specifically and the author in general. My recommendations come from years of experience and literally thousands of hours of research and teaching.

The books are down broken into various theological (or other necessary) categories and I have tried to estimate the level of the best target audience of each book (although for various reasons, I may deem that a particular book best fits into a different group among today’s readers.

The category and rating system

I have used a multi-level rating system using theological categories based on the ten accepted categories of systematic theology, I through III Roman numerals for the what I deem to be the general academic level of the book (for example a numeral I book in “Christology” with 5-stars would be considered as having a very high overall value for any scholarly research and writing, whereas a numeral III in “Escha 2-star being a book that most will find very helpful; 1-star being a book that is not critical, but worth having in your library for reference or casual reading.

1) Popular level: New believers, basic information, lighter reading;

2) Intermediate level: For digging a little deeper into the Word of God, but still accessible and valuable for any believer from the novice to the scholar

3) Scholar level: Not primarily geared toward the casual reader, but rather for the serious and more academically inclined students of the Scriptures who want to take their studies to a higher level – especially for pastors, Bible teachers, seminary students and those who just want to go deeper for their personal spiritual growth and understanding of the God and His Word.


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