BIB581 – God’s Plan through the Ages

School of Prophets


Below are pdf files of the presentations shown in class which have been converted from the original PowerPoint files.

You will also find the notes for the class in pdf format, as well as the course assignment.

The required book for the course is What on Earth is God Doing? by Renald Showers.

The other book that is required to complete the course assignment is the companion workbook.

Both books are available through (just go to and search for the title of the book – and include “workbook” in the search to find that book.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time.

BIB581 - 01 Intro6.5 MiB705
BIB581 - 02 Eternity Past - Innocence4.2 MiB616
BIB581 - 03 Conscience - Government4.1 MiB636
BIB581 - 04 Promise5.2 MiB583
BIB581 - 05 Law, Moses-Judges5.3 MiB539
BIB581 - 06 Law, United + Divided Kingdom - WOL7.4 MiB510
BIB581 - 07 Law, Exile-Christ6.9 MiB557
BIB581 - 08 - Church, To-Reformation5.8 MiB536
BIB581 - 09 Church, 19th-20th6.3 MiB529
BIB581 - 10 DOL, Eternity Future5.1 MiB533
BIB581 - Course Assignment 02118.9 KiB498
BIB581 - God's Plan Through The Ages Notebook312.3 KiB546

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