Christianity Today: God – the “Divine Drama Queen”

Christianity Today Senior Managing Editor Mark Galli’s recent article sparks controversy.

Christianity Today’s identification as “A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction” will almost certainly be called into question once again by many readers because of a July 15 article by Mark Galli in which he calls God “such a drama queen.”

He reduces God to being little more than a totally-out-of-control diva:

“So  what we have, for better or worse, is a melodramatic God. He yells and  throws dishes, and walks off in a huff, slamming the door behind him—and  then he turns around and gives his life for us.”

The article requires no comment other than to ask, “What next?”

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  1. Oh WOW! What a misrepresentation of God… (especially after reading the article)

  2. Dearly beloved, foolish mortals-

    When the genre is satire, ya gotta reverse everything!..the author generally means the opposite of what he says.

    Context is everything- a perusal of Galli’s other articles gives evidence of his orthodox doctrinal positions and
    frequent tongue-in-cheek wit.

    Dr. Bill

    • Bill,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Unfortunately, a perusal of his other articles frequently demonstrates that he does not hold thoroughly biblical positions – or that he at least doesn’t always express what he intends to say in a Christ-honoring way.

      There is place for satire – and I don’t think anyone here does not “get it” when it is used appropriately.

      However, two observations:

      1) I don’t think that “satire” accurately describes what he has written – this is what he believes. You satirize others, not yourself.
      2) If the “other” whom he is satirizing is God – then that isn’t appropriate in any format for any reason – and that is what has people up in arms. Satirizing others is a way of derisively putting down others through the use of things that are caricatures to emphasize a trait – and must be used carefully. When satirizing God, you are flirting with blasphemy – which is what many are rightly concerned with.


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