Biblical Guide to the Shemitah and the Blood Moons

Biblical Guide to the Shemitah and the Blood Moons

The following description is from The Berean Call website in their promotion of the book.

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Are “blood moons” a harbinger for a catastrophic “seventh shemitah” in America? Informed Christians and serious students of God’s Word would certainly agree that America—and the rest of the world—is prophetically on “borrowed time.” With increasing speed, the signs of the times are drawing nearer and growing clearer.
Unfortunately, while the church should be encouraged by Bible prophecy and exhorted to greater personal holiness and evangelism, there instead exists a cadre of prophets and pitchmen creating confusion in the body of Christ. Prominent pastor-authors pronounce their warnings—while eager publishers promote their wares. In his latest book, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn boldly purports to reveal a previously unknown and undiscovered “3,000-year-old mystery that…revealed the dates and the hours of the greatest [financial] crashes in Wall Street history…determined the timing of 9/11…lies behind the rise of America…and its fall…[and] holds the key to what lies ahead for the world and for your life.”

If true, these astonishing claims are nothing short of divine revelation. If false, then millions of believing Christians are the victims of brazen marketing hype at best, spiritual deception at worst—or both. But how can one test such claims? Is it even possible to know the truth of these matters? Unequivocally, unhesitatingly, YES! In contrast to the swirling clouds of “mysteries” touching down in churches all across America, readers will appreciate the calm, clear reasoning of international Bible teacher Dave James as he demonstrates the process of spiritual discernment for all readers who desire to “test all things [and] hold fast what is good.” —1 Thessalonians 5:21.


  1. Origin of the Shemitah
  2. The Theory of Shemitah Cycles in America
  3. “The Revelations Came Rapidly”
  4. America as the Second Israel
  5. The Hebrew Calendar
  6. “Non-Date-Setting” Date Setting
  7. What’s in a Title? The “Mystery” of the Shemitah
  8. The Blood Moon Tetrad
  9. A Surprising Lack of Discernment
  10. Marketing “Fear”
  11. The Second Shaking
  12. The Isaiah 9:10 Effect
  13. The Financial Collapse
  14. The Shemitah Connection
  15. The Case for the Shemitah
  16. Fudging the Numbers
  17. Biblical Realities & Inescapable Conclusions
  18. Signs of the Second Coming?
  19. The Imminency Problem
  20. A Potential Danger – and a Word of Caution

Click here to order the book from The Berean Call website

The following is my preface to the book:

The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn, became the #1 Christian book of 2012, reaching publishing milestones and propelling the author to national and even international prominence. Because of the many biblical errors, theological flaws, and historical misrepresentations, what began as a 2-3 page book review quickly turned into a book- length response and led to the publication of my first book, The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction? by The Berean Call.

On September 2, Jonathan Cahn’s third book, The Mystery of the Shemitah debuted at number 5 on the New York Times best-seller list, largely on the strength of pre-orders alone, forcing a second printing on the second day because of the high demand. The ongo- ing popularity of the book is evidenced by its ranking as number 1 on (as of 11/3/2014) in one of various prophecy categories and as number 2 in two more categories. This suggests that The Mystery of the Shemitah also needs to be carefully examined to determine if the errors in The Harbinger have been corrected or perpetuated in this new volume.

My purpose for evaluating and critiquing The Mystery of the Shemitah is two-fold:

First, because so many have been influenced by The Harbinger and because this new book is already a bestseller, the Body of Christ needs to see that there is another side to the story that may not be completely obvious at first glance. And even for those who may sense that something isn’t quite right, the time it takes to work through the frequently slow and laborious, yet necessary, task of fact-check- ing is probably more than most readers will want to invest.

Second, just as one of my goals in writing The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction? was to model the process of discernment, the same is true of this booklet. First and foremost, discernment involves check- ing everything against the Word of God to make sure that all of the arguments, theories, and claims are biblically sound. Beyond this, discernment also frequently involves evaluating the logic of arguments, the veracity of assertions from a historical perspective, and even the proper use of statistics, which, unfortunately, can be framed in such a way that the true picture is obscured or hidden from the reader, even if unintentionally.

  1. Thank you for all of your research. I sensed something was up with the Harbinger & Shemitah books.After having some genuine unanswered questions about the legitimacy of the Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah I began to do a little digging on my own & this is how I found this site.

    Before I even read this article my personal questions were in the realm of “why would God punish a gentile nation using ancient Israeli biblical prophecies unknown to that gentile nation?”. I thought to myself that when you spank your child they at least know why they were spanked and who did it. The Harbinger & Shemitah supposedly are happening to an unsuspecting nation and they wouldn’t even know why?

    So thank you for exposing the lie in these books.

    • Thanks, Bernie.

      Your concerns are exactly one of the major problems with Jonathan Cahn’s theories.

  2. Hi again David,
    I wonder what the excuses will be when these theories fail next month?

    I can hear it now.

    America!!! You Repented and God forgave you, we are seeing the manifestation of the prayer prophecy in 2 Chronicles 7.14 now being fulfilled!!!! Praise the Lord!

    • Scott,

      The fact is that in some of the most extreme charismatic circles they have been “prophesying” revival for at least a year.

  3. Will the book be in stock again soon? I read your book on the Harbinger and really want to read the Blood Moon one (it’s out of stock.) Will there be a Kindle edition? Thank you.

  4. Hey David,

    Thanks for writing this latest book. I’ve done a cursory review of it at my blog site and will be adding to it as I go through the book.

    What is exceedingly troubling to me is how “fear” sells books! Some of the same people who purport to love God and say they seek only His truth fail to even open His Word, but rely rather on the haphazard, eisegesis of too many individuals today who pass themselves off as people who know the mind of God.

    It is appalling that so many chase after these latest “prophesies” and internalize them based on one or two very loosely interpreted passages of Scripture.

    The entire premise of Cahn’s books are in error. He assumes that America is somehow spiritually connected to Israel, that we as a nation were/are in “covenant” with God, and that what happens to Israel will also happen to America if we follow the same path.

    Scripture is very clear about the end of this age, how the world will progressively become more evil as God is pushed out of the picture, and how bad things will occur that will ultimately lead to God’s judgment of this world.

    The idea that by using some “3,000 year-old mystery,” God is making us privy to stock and financial market collapses is patently absurd. It’s the stuff Nostradamus is made of.

    Thanks again for the latest book, David. I’m enjoying it and pray that it opens the eyes of many in the coming months.

    • Thanks, Fred.

    • I believe we are both spiritually and politically connected to Israel. The number of American Jews almost parallels the number of Jews in Israel.
      How can we not be spiritually connected with Israel?
      How can anyone not take what is going on in America as a sign from God, whether it be the attack on 911, the collapse of wall street or what is happening in your own back yard. Make no mistake about one thing. Our hedge of protection has been removed and I don’t need anyone to tell me that to see it with my own eyes. That is why God gave us eyes people! I hear a lot of people say they are good Christians and then WATCH them turn right around and do or say some of the most vile things a person could do to another, including persecute someone else for trying to give the DEAF and BLIND people of this country a dire WAKE UP call. People tend to forget that the word Christian means Christ like and in my 54 yrs. on this earth I have only known 1 individual that I truly consider to have been Christ like, and God took him home 3 yrs. ago. One PERSON PEOPLE! That’s pretty sad if you ask me. I have been in customer service most of my life and I have seen such a negative change in peoples attitudes in the last 10 yrs., which I consider to be a sign as well.
      I have been in IT for 25 yrs. now, and I personally believe that Facebook is one of Satan’s greatest tools yet, but I bet all of you have a Facebook account.
      I will never have one just because of that. I SEE and HEAR the damage that it has done
      So write me off as just some crazy dangerous guy trying to spread words of fear in the hearts of “Good Christian People”, but at the end of the day…..It’s just an opinion.
      I thank God I still live in a free country!

      • Doug,

        Here are some thoughts on your comment:

        1. Can you give any biblical support whatsoever to the claim that we are spiritually connected to Israel in the sense set forth in The Harbinger?

        2. How is the same number of Jews being in America as Israel significant in any way? After the three waves of return to Israel after the Babylonian captivity, there were still more Jews in Babylon than Israel. Does that therefore mean that Babylon was somehow connected to Israel spiritually such that God would deal with Babylon in the same way he dealt with Israel. History shows that such was not the case. How is it different for America today – and what is the biblical basis for such a conclusion?

        3. How do you know biblically that God is sending signs to America exclusively, while not sending the same kinds of signs to every other nation in the world – especially those which have set themselves against Israel? Of course, He could be sending signs – and we could be very near judgment – but all of the theories that point to specific, concrete signs are entirely speculation.

        4. Exactly when was the supposed hedge of protection removed? Exactly when was the hedge of protection put into place? Was the hedge of protection put into place before the war of 1812? If so, was it removed when Washington D.C. was nearly burned to the ground? Was the hedge of protection removed prior to WWII when Hawaii was attacked and much of the American Navy was lost at Pearl Harbor? If so, when did God put the hedge of protection back in place? Beyond this, can you provide any biblical support whatsoever for God ever putting a hedge of protection in place for any nation but that of His people Israel.

        5. Concerning the supposed “wake-up call” that is being issued by these teachers: They have done dozens and dozens of interviews and messages about this subject, but I don’t think you will find a single one anywhere on the internet where the gospel is clearly given. Although they scream, “Repent” – you will not hear them say clear that “Jesus, the Son of God, God became a man, lived a sinless life, and died on a Roman cross, shedding his blood for the remission of our sins, taking the punishment we deserved – and then arose from the grave on the 3rd day to give the sure hope of forgiven sin and eternal life to all who believe.

        6. It is very sad that in 54 years you have only known one person who was Christ-like. I’m 57 years old, have been a believer for 31 of those years – and I personally know dozens and dozens of godly people all over the world from dozens of countries.

        The solution to the sin problem is that every individual repent AND receive Jesus Christ as Savior – trusting in Him alone. A generic call to repentance will accomplish little, if anything.

  5. I wouldn’t expect you to remember me, it’s been quite a long time since you rebuked my WND post about rabbi Cahn being one of many of a list of revolving door book of the week types with only one purpose and that was to fleece the flock. You challenged me to read your book, so I did and I have to say you have thoroughly enlightened me. I have read rabbi Cahn’s harbinger, watched the WND DVD Joseph Farah made about the Harbinger and the second shaking, I have seen Rabbi Cahn live during a prophesy conference put on by Chuck Missler, listened to your radio interview with the rabbi hosted by the prophesy recourse center, I watched him live-stream with the author of the blood moons Mark Blitz. I have to say it is my opinion that when confronted rabbi Cahn answers questions like a politician.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m judging the man because I’m not. I do worry many of my friends see this man as a prophet of God and the scary part is they don’t care if he is or not, they like him like that is supposed to make up for anything that is wrong with his teachings or writings. I’ve taken up enough of your time, God bless and thank you for your reproof and the work you do.

  6. well we are in a correction now,i wonder how crazy things are going to get with Jonathan Cahn and the others after this.

  7. Will the book be available for Kindle? There appears to be a link to purchase it that way but the link is broken. Thanks!

    • April,

      The Kindle version is not available, yet – but will be in the coming weeks.

      It is available in pdf format from the TBC website.

      Thanks for checking.

  8. copied from another source but for your consideration i show you this list:

    “”Despite no rapture or immediate economic crash in September, a multitude of prophetic events did in fact transpire:

    1. Unprecedented sandstorm over Israel and the Middle East
    2. Grand Mosque in Mecca struck by lightning – over 100 killed
    3. Massive 8.3 earthquake in Chile
    4. Vatican and Palestinian flags raised at the U.N.
    5. Abbas ends the Oslo Accords
    6. 70th session of the U.N. opens
    8. Palestine now called “State of Palestine” at the U.N.
    9. Agenda 2030 passed with not a single ‘No’ vote
    10. Push begins to reform the Security Council (see Revelation 13)
    11. Pope visits the U.S.: a. holds inter-religious ceremony at Ground Zero, b. declares that we all need to stop seeing the world in “black and white”, c. says to the world “I come in my own name”, and d. ends a sermon by saying Jesus’ life ended in “the failure of the Cross”

    And then immediately after the fourth and final blood moon, a series of events started occurring in the Middle East that many have observed appear to line-up with the beginning stages of Ezekiel 38:

    1. Russia docks its largest nuclear missile submarine in Syria
    2. Russia creates military coalition with Iran (Persia) and other Arab countries
    3. Massive military buildup of Russian forces in Syria
    4. China docks its only aircraft carrier in Syria
    5. Iranian troops massing at Israel/Syrian border
    6. Russia drafts 150,000 conscripts
    7. Reports circulating that Russia may deploy 150,000 troops to Syria to seize oil wells and take Raqqa
    8. Israel strikes Russian backed Syrian military bases (9/27)
    9. Russia Bombing US Allies (Free Syrian Army and other rebels)
    10. Russia deploys Spetsnaz, its top special forces to Syria
    11. Russia enters Turkish/NATO airspace multiple times
    12. Wave of Terror strikes Temple Mount, Jerusalem, and the West Bank (on verge of 3rd Intifada)
    13. Massive Oil Reserves Found in Israel in the contested Golan Heights (near the Syrian border)””
    this is only some of what went on.
    it was wrong to say that because a certain something(s) did not happen regarding the shemita,etc that jonathan cahn was wrong. in fact very much has happened including the largest drop in the dow in history (previously was 777 now 888 points) over a 2 day period all during the blood moons and shemita cycle that was *bracketed around all these happenings*. the 2 previous times on elul 29 were warnings—–*God is done warning that is why it was not a single big sign in itself—–and the judgments have begun and right on schedule according to God’s dealings with israel, and the world not just the u.s.
    mr cahn is no false prophet and i think it a shame that you made it about something else other than the signs we were to be watching. i hope you and others of your persuasion about prophecy will truly set aside your views to simply watch as he had very aptly showed us in the signs God was using to point us all the the fact that the Lord is at hand. warning warning warning with repent repent repent as the message was what he did —–and very well! how is this for a “timeclock” to help you see the lateness of the hour?–israel as the hour hand–jerusalem as the minute hand–and temple mount as the second hand. look at the events occurring now—how long before jerusalem is surrounded by armies (as matt 25, luke 21, and mark 13 details for us coupled with daniel 11) and someone with a “shortened time” comes on scene?
    Jesus said watch–that is what i have done for many years now and am not disappointed in the least, that all i have read that points me to very particular things from God’s word (shemita cycles, blood moon tetrads, the numbers of the bible that are very revealing in their meaning, etc…. are operating principles given by the Lord that are indeed what we need to be looking at.
    so many people are ignorant of God’s Word……..note this* (where you and others are not seeing it)———-and His Ways.
    i sincerely hope you will be watching and warning better from here on, with all due respect, sir, before you write any more books to “refute” what clearly showed us the truth.
    glad i stuck with what i knew was true in the first place.
    i do not claim to know exactly when about anything just like jonathan cahn has said——–but i do know not follow men- mere people-and not my own understanding–but lean instead upon God’s……..
    i pray you can hear what i say here in the intent with which i wrote it as one believer to another.
    in the Name of the Lord of both of us,

    • Andrea,

      I warn people all the time about the potential nearness of the Lord’s return. America is at the brink of judgment – as is the rest of the world. The church needs to wake up and the world needs to repent.

      However, this has all been true ever since I was saved in 1984.

      The things you list could all be setting the stage for the final drama – or they may not. I think they likely are.

      However, this serves as no justification for what Cahn, Biltz, Hagee and others have done in mishandling the Word of God, misrepresenting history, and manipulating data in order to buttress their misguided theories. And in the meantime, the publishers have raked in untold amounts of money – and continue to do so as the goal posts keep getting moved further.

      The latest is Cahn now suggesting that we are in a Jubilee year – and so anything could happen through the Fall of 2016 – when he knows full well, and even acknowledges in his book that no one knows when the Jubilee year is. This is shameless.

      All the things you listed may or may not have any significance at all – and do nothing to support these unbiblical theories.

      I have briefly commented on some of them:

      1. Unprecedented sandstorm over Israel and the Middle East (COMMENT: The Middle East always has terrible sand storms – so this means nothing)
      2. Grand Mosque in Mecca struck by lightning – over 100 killed (COMMENT: What does this have to do with anything at all?)
      3. Massive 8.3 earthquake in Chile (COMMENT: What about all the other earthquakes that have happened? This has no more significance than the Japanese earthquake a few years ago – and in fact, caused far less damage.)
      4. Vatican and Palestinian flags raised at the U.N. (COMMENT: The Vatican has functioned as an independent state for decades – with embassies all over the world. This has no particular significance. The Palestinian flag is more of a problem – but has no direct significance. It is part of a process that has been underway for decades. America allowing a two-state solution is not good – and could have end-times significance – and then again it might not).
      5. Abbas ends the Oslo Accords (COMMENT: So? There was time when there was no Oslo Accords – so was that period of time significant? Was it not significant when they were adopted?)
      6. 70th session of the U.N. opens (COMMENT: True – and one year ago the 69th session opened – and it is just as likely that the 71st will open next year. This means nothing.)
      8. Palestine now called “State of Palestine” at the U.N. (COMMENT: By whom? This has not been voted on yet.)
      9. Agenda 2030 passed with not a single ‘No’ vote (COMMENT: And the previous agenda also passed and nothing happened. Another agenda might also be passed. This may or may not be significant.)
      10. Push begins to reform the Security Council (see Revelation 13) (Revelation 13 has nothing to do with the U.N. Security Council directly. There’s not even anything hinting at it.)
      11. Pope visits the U.S.: a. holds inter-religious ceremony at Ground Zero, b. declares that we all need to stop seeing the world in “black and white”, c. says to the world “I come in my own name”, and d. ends a sermon by saying Jesus’ life ended in “the failure of the Cross” (COMMENT: And this comment is taken completely out of context. I teach strongly against Roman Catholicism – but the fact remains that the Resurrection is THE CENTRAL doctrine of the Catholic church. Of course the Cross appeared to be the ultimate failure – but for only 3 days and 3 nights – when it became clear it was the ultimate victory)

      Andrea – you’re just copying and believing the same talking points as everyone else – and as each day passes it only goes to prove that the Lord is in control, he is sovereign, and that all these prognosticators are deceived by their own delusions – and Christians by the millions are falling for it.

      Find me a single video / interview in which Jonathan Cahn clearly explains the gospel such that someone who is not already thoroughly familiar with it might understand and be saved. He incessantly preaches repentance to a nation that largely has no idea what he is talking about – and he never defines what he means. Consequently he’s only preaching to the choir – and selling 100s of thousands of books to the same gullible choir.


        God is done warning. His Ways are not ours. He has spoken through His Word and the world has not heeded the warnings. america as a nation has turned her back on God and judgments are commencing. the whole world is caving under the weight of sin and disobedience. thank God He is still in the saving business to work by His Spirit to save individual hearts from the wrath to come. The Blood has never lost it’s Power.

        btw #8 is the number of new beginnings in the bible–we have entered new territory in every realm of life worldwide, not just monetarily. a new game is in plat and it is a global world. also the #11 is the number of disorder. much more of absolute disorder coming dead ahead. cahn warned us properly but many scoff because they say it is not prophecy being fulfilled.
        i beg to differ.

        armies will surround jerusalem sooner than many think. (luke 21, matt 24, and mark 13 also comparing dan 11 for a “when/then” like no other and who will be “who”). epic things are happening and all ramped up during the times of the blood moons, feast days and shemita cycle that God has been using to show the entire world, pointing clearly, to what He has been saying and doing all in time for bringing on the worst of the worst of the very worst of times just before HE returns in Glory. somewhere in all that takes place, He will rapture His bride and His adulterous wife israel will come back with open eyes and see Him, repenting before Him (whom they have pierced) and believing Jesus Christ is LORD .
        God is awesome and what I am seeing is no false labor——this is absolutely real. i am thankful that i have seen these things in what i learned and read from men like cahn who were bold enough to declare what others would not take to heart. also much is affirming what was written by david wilkerson, another man of God who was not ashamed of the Gospel and what the Lord was warning.

        • btw–if God wants to, He can speak through a donkey——don’t miss the message because you don’t care for the messenger……….

          • Andrea,

            This has nothing to do with my personal like or dislike of the messenger. Although I have corresponded with Jonathan Cahn on numerous occasions and spoken with him on the phone, I have never met him. Those who do know him say that he is a godly, humble and sincere man. I have no reason to believe he is not. And, my interaction with him has been professional and cordial.

            However, since he has clearly mishandled the Scriptures and misrepresented history – and manipulated data – it is not unreasonable to say that he is sincerely wrong.

        • Andrea,

          You’re not listening. I and the vast majority of those who reject Cahn’s unbiblical theories agree that America and the world are in trouble and that we could be at the brink of judgment and the fulfillment of end-times prophecies.

          However, this does not mean that either Cahn or Biltz were correct – and in fact they were desperately wrong. In fact, Biltz is now saying that the Tribulation CANNOT start for at least 7 more years. Do you believe that?

          Concerning the stock market loss you cite – you and others only cherry pick the data that supports the theories – and ignore that which does not. For example, you provide a link concerning the losses, but fail to note the recent gains. The market lost 6.57% in August – but in just the first 15 days of October it has already gained 5.72% – almost recovering from the losses. Furthermore, although trillions of dollars sounds like a lot, it only means something in terms of percentages, not in raw numbers. In terms of the value of the world economy it is a pittance. Just the annual Gross Domestic Product is over $77 Trillion – so, it represented less than 10% of that – and most of the amount in the U.S. markets has been gained back.

          Concerning David Wilkerson – he was a known false prophet – and his multiple failed predictions are well-known and well-documented.

          I appreciate your zeal – and concern for truth, but you’ve been deceived by men who have mishandled the Word of God – and have a falsely predicted things which have not happened.

          You have yet to provide a biblical response to the charge that they have mishandled the Scriptures – which they demonstrably have.

          • think what you will. i don’t think there is another 7 years still out there. sooner than that. but i can be wrong and won’t make a deal out of it. so what? it will be what it will be. i know in Whom i believe and my future is secure in His Finished Work at Calvary so He will do with me as he pleases in what i am to live out between now and then.
            what i notice is not the man per say, but his message and that God’s using all of these combined circumstances to tell us that the warnings were correct and are now over. why not simply sit back and see what transpires from here on out instead of pick apart something you think was only directed to israel so has no application to the world today? in the micro it is directed to israel!!!!! in the macro——–that is what i think you are missing. the bible was given to us for ensamples also—–and is playing out in the macro (america and the world at large) as we speak. God speaks, but who is listening? that is what you say of me so i ask that of you…

            but i could not care less if you agree or not. i have only to watch and wait and work for the night is coming (that is share the Gospel by the way, which i do). i just think it a shame that you don’t see how biblical all this is that has he told to us in these very specific signals that are out of the reach of men to accomplish..just awesome and we are the generation who is watching this unfold—but would mean nothing if we were not witnessing what is going on with israel itself, which is the single biggest sign to the world of all.

            what do i loose for taking to heart what this man has warned and shown us?


            daniel wrote prophecies that long time later certain wise men from a pagan nation followed and led them right to the King of kings (and then they believed ;). scribes and pharisees (religious) looked it up in the scriptures and said the king would be born in bethlehem so the wise men went on to see him, and these others who knew the scriptures wouldn’t ride their donkeys the 5 miles to go see if true because it didn’t fit their “biblical” view.
            we have the same today…..oh well, their loss……..

          • Andrea,

            I also know in whom I have believed – and I travel the world (60,000-75,000 miles per year) teaching the Word of God and preaching the gospel. So, I completely agree with your view in this regard.

            I also preach and teach regularly that we are fast approaching the time of Christ’s return – and the stage is being set for the final drama.

            Yet, the Word of God must be handled correctly – and yes it can be applied in any number of ways – but that is not how Cahn has used it.

            I challenge you to provide any Bible verses that he has used correctly in context.

            I also challenge you to provide a link to a video or interview where Cahn has clearly presented the gospel.

            And finally, you say you don’t believe that it must be 7 years until the tribulation – and that it could be more or less, but Mark Biltz , the “discoverer” of the Blood Moons has said that it CANNOT begin until 2022 since it did not begin last month. And yet, his false predictions – that you don’t even believe are not enough to persuade you that he was wrong about the Blood Moons.

            The fact is that the Blood Moon in Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 are past the mid-point of the tribulation – and the Antichrist enters the rebuilt temple, and declares himself to be God (2 Thess 2) – and so we CANNOT be past the middle of the Tribulation. Therefore Biltz is COMPLETELY wrong about this. Does that not bother you? You are determined to believe it anyway – even after it has been proven historically and biblically that he is a false prophet?

            You are basing your entire conclusions on intuition and feeling – because they are demonstrably not based on either Scripture or history. They are not based on facts.

            Again, we believe almost exactly the same things and yet you somehow seem to consider us as being on opposite sides. We’re on the same team – on the same side – with the only difference being that you have unwittingly been misled and deceived.

            You may not think it makes any difference, but God’s people have been misled – and thousands upon thousands have spent huge amounts of money on the survival supplies being hawked by the snake-oil salesman Jim Bakker – and both Cahn and Biltz have HELPED him do it. Does that not bother you in the least?

            If not, that is extremely disturbing.

  9. Thanks for your response to Andrea.

    The most tragic part of what Cahn espouses (aside from his unbiblical teaching regarding those things specific to Israel), is that he NEVER presents the gospel – a clear understanding of peoples’ need to receive salvation and why there is a need at all.

    America -as a nation – cannot “repent” as we are not a monarchy and our leaders are more inclined to follow the pattern of Romans 1.

    Tragically, for Cahn, I believe it is all about the money and notoriety as he continues to move the goal posts.

    • Fred,

      For nearly four years I have intentionally avoided impugning Jonathan Cahn’s motives – and I’m not yet prepared to do so. However, he certainly makes it difficult at times given that he has become and accomplice for both WND and Jim Bakker – who shamelessly hawk survival products to Christians in order to survive the Tribulation for thousands and thousands of dollars.

      And, I have no problem whatsoever assigning motive to Bakker, Farah, Steve Strang – and everyone else who is associated with this cottage industry cum multi-million dollar empire on the back of Jonathan Cahn.

      But regarding Cahn himself, who in the world allows a movie to be produced about his life, in which he stars – and which carries a title that more reflects something Stan Lee and Marvel comics would come up with (The Harbinger Man) – than someone proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ – a message that is inherently offensive?

      I continue to be dumbfounded that he has both followers and ardent supporters.

  10. Thanks for your response to Andrea.

    The most tragic part of what Cahn espouses (aside from his unbiblical teaching regarding those things specific to Israel), is that he NEVER presents the gospel – a clear understanding of peoples’ need to receive salvation and why there is a need at all.

    America -as a nation – cannot “repent” as we are not a monarchy and our leaders are more inclined to follow the pattern of Romans 1.

    Tragically, for Cahn, I believe it is all about the money and notoriety as he continues to move the goal posts.

    PS – I’ve noticed eBible Fellowship has done the same thing with their recent failed prediction that the world was going to end last Oct 7th.

    The “tract” they produced has virtually no gospel presentation and like Cahn talked about God’s judgment on the Church as the reason for the judgment.

  11. Thanks for your response, David.

    I noticed a while ago as well the hawking of survival items being sold by places who support Cahn and his books.

    I had not heard about the movie.

    Regarding his ardent followers, I don’t get it either, frankly. I’m amazed at how unglued people become over this whole topic. It’s a bit mind-boggling to me.

  12. First, let me say that I really appreciate the opportunity to have this type of discussion about a very important topic– Biblical Discernment.

    I am not surprised that people take such a strong stance. People become emotional invested in their ideas. They often do not allow themselves to consider they may be wrong. This is nothing new in either the church or the secular world.

    What I am surprised about is the large number of good, mature Christian people who have bought into Rabbi Cahn’s books.

    I fully understand that we are supposed to weigh the words of a prophet. I too am troubled by the writing and teaching of Rabbi Cahn. The first and single biggest issue I have with him is that he seems unable to make up his mind if he is actually a prophet or not. The second serious issue I have with his teaching is that Rabbi Cahn mixes fact and fiction without identifying which is which. One might consider this either a very poor writing style or a type of intentional deception. The third issue for me is that he seems to lack humility, a quality most Bible prophets seemed to have.

    Regarding the recent back and forth discussion here, one point to an outsider is that it appears to me, that Andrea apparently believes if one does not completely agree with each and every point made by Cahn or herself, one is in total disagreement with each and every point. I am basing this statement upon what she has written here. As Christians, we are supposed to be known by our LOVE for one another, not our piety.

    I do not agree with every point David James makes either. I do, however appreciate his obvious attempt to stay close to the biblical perspective as he sees it. I have learned from David and his website and value both as an asset. I also see his attempt to answer most posters in a soft loving way.

    Discernment is critically important. It is somewhat similar to our salvation. We must rely on Christ, it his name we are saved by. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to help us discern. Ultimately, however the only one responsible for one’s decision is one’s self.

    Best to All.

    • Warren,

      Thank you for your insightful comments.

    my hope is that what is in the above is not what has gone on here…

    “Regarding the recent back and forth discussion here, one point to an outsider is that it appears to me, that Andrea apparently believes if one does not completely agree with each and every point made by Cahn or herself, one is in total disagreement with each and every point”

    i am not in total agreement with jonathan cahn on absolutely everything myself, so i don’t expect that of anyone else. i stated that i can be wrong also because only a fool thinks he or she is 100% correct. God alone has cornered that market ;). what i can do is separate the man from the message and what i ask others to consider also and why i made the comment about God can speak through a donkey if he wants to. He can use any venue He (meaning the Lord) chooses also. He is looking for hearers and that means the message can go and should go everywhere!
    also that message is still revealing—-much is still in the cooker. i ask that people consider that fact. as to the recent news from the un and the pope’s visit and other things that are all about the falling away and many nore things that spell end times, i find the harbingers are still right on track-it isn’t just about economics and if people thought so then they major missed the point. israel is the super sign and all things are pointing to how soon the burdensome stone is going to cause much more trouble for the world. america plays a big role in how all this bad stuff goes down. the harbingers say what is the state of this nation and like israel of old, we, once a bible believing people (in the main because our very laws are patterned after the judeao/christian ethic) are living out what the bible has spoken to long long ago. these are the last of the last days and america has role to play that is unmistakable though not even named outright in Scripture—–thus we see the harbingers…..
    have heard fine messages by david wilkerson and jonathan cahn that proclaimed Jesus as virgin born and the worthy sacrifice as God’s Son and risen to return in Power and Glory. specific messages that spell out sin (the evil of original sin). the gospel clearly and lovingly presented. wilkerson did not claim to be a prophet nor has cahn though others label them such. i don’t have to agree with everything but i have to agree if these give a salvation message and i have heard them with my own ears so i knew they preach a born-again salvation by grace through faith.

    enough for me and jan markell too evidently. and why i sent that from her from a while back. if her opinion has changed toward jonathan cahn i have yet to hear it. no matter what the man is or is not, i watch to see if what he has said is happening———so far he is batting a 1000–because the eternal inerrant Word of God never fails to be the Truth-period.

    i am not taking for myself, or directing anything personal toward anyone, but have simply tossed this out there and it can bounce off or stick…..makes no difference to me, because i can only vouch for what i am seeing and hearing regarding the harbinger message.

    thank you for speaking with me about this. i know that you are a man of the Word and if we disagree, so be it, because i can call you a brother in Christ as i also do jonathan cahn.

    • Andrea,

      If you’re open to being wrong, then please point out specifically where I am biblically wrong in this article – and in my other articles concerning The Harbinger (have you read those articles?) – and where Jonathan Cahn is right specifically concerning any biblical passage I address as being a problem.

      Concerning The Harbingers – in my book, The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction? I demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that the harbingers he claims just do not exist.

      Also, please take a look at Isaiah 9:10 without looking at Cahn’s book The Harbinger and see if you can count 9 harbingers. You won’t be able to because they are not there. At the most there are only three or four (if there are any).

      Furthermore, one of the harbingers that Cahn claims is the “tower.” Take a look at your Bible – any version – and tell me if you find a tower in the text. It’s not there – and the reason is that Cahn got the tower from what is known as the Septuagint, which is an ancient Greek translation of an unknown Hebrew text – and not the one our Bibles are based on – nor is it the one used by the Jewish people today.

      The problem is that he pulled out the one phrase from the Septuagint but failed to mention the rest of the verse. Why would he do that? The reason he didn’t do it is because the Septuagint destroys two of the other harbingers.

      That is flat out dishonest.

      Are you still willing to say that he’s batting 1000? If so, then you have blindly bought into the lie that millions of others have done.

      You say that he has presented the gospel. Then please provide the link where he presents the gospel in such a way that someone who has never heard it before would know how to be saved. You won’t find it – but please try to find one if you think he has done so. I sincerely want to see it so I can stand corrected on this point. If you can’t find one, then your contention that he is preaching the gospel just isn’t true.

      Concerning Jan Markell: The article isn’t directly about me – but I have spoken to her extensively about it. When she was defending Cahn she admitted to me that she had not read my book – and my book is the only one that has been written and it is the definitive response to Jonathan Cahn’s theories. She said she would read the book when I spoke to her on the phone – but she never got back with me afterward. There is more to this story, but I will leave it as it is because I don’t wish to bring her into this.

      Again, from everything you’ve written your conclusions are based on only the most superficial understanding of the situation with Jonathan Cahn – and you are defending him concerning things that are factually wrong – demonstrably wrong.

      Are you willing to consider you may be completely wrong about him. If you will scroll down through the comments you will find another commenter who I challenged to read my book – and when he did he realized he was wrong about Jonathan Cahn.


    Jesus the Savior — isaiah 53 message 1 & 2
    see what you think if this is indeed the Gospel clearly given. — and this from his church website regarding salvation

    i see the all harbingers, i see the shemita prinicples, i see them demonstrated to the letter in the circumstances that are playing out in the real world in real time. they are in the Word and the Word of God manifests……and is doing it for such a time as this.
    enough for me.
    but for the sake of argument since you insist–even if i am wrong–what do i lose for hearing his message and taking it to heart?

    thank you for your time.

    • Andrea,

      I didn’t say that Cahn doesn’t know or believe the gospel. Nor did I say he never preaches or explains it. What I asked for was a link to an interview or an appearance on a television or radio program where he clearly gives the gospel to the many millions who have heard him speak. Of course, I believe that he has given the gospel many times in his church – but the problem is that he almost never uses his national platform to do it. Yes, he talks about repentance, but he never (or almost never) explains how to be saved. So, again, if you can find such a message, please let me know.

      Secondly, the harbingers are illusions as I clearly demonstrate in my book. When you’re watching an illusionist like David Copperfield, as long as you’re in the audience and you see only what he wants you to see from your vantage point and perspective, then what you think you’re seeing and reality are two vastly different things. And the audience is completely convinced that what they are seeing is reality – when it is not. And they just cannot believe that their senses are deceiving them. Well, it’s not that their senses are deceiving them – it is the illusionist who is being deceptive because he doesn’t allow the audience to see what is really happening.

      However, if you were to go on stage and look at things from a different angle then you would see that you didn’t have the whole picture – that the reality of the situation is far, far different than what you were seeing with your own eyes.

      My books, especially my first one, concerning The Harbinger, takes you up on stage and allows you to see things from a different angle – and it shows very clearly that the entire thing is an illusion.

      I’ve already pointed out some things and you simply refuse to accept it.

      I’m not looking to just make another book sale – so if you will promise me that you will read it, I will send you a copy of The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction? in pdf format via your email address.

      You ask what you lose if you’re wrong. Well, you lose the ability to see biblical truth correctly. Is that important to you?

      You allow yourself to believe things about the Bible and history that simply aren’t true. Is that important to you?

      You have allowed your thinking and perception of reality to be shaped by someone who has mishandled the Word of God, misrepresented historical facts and manipulated data and statistics. Is that important to you?

      You have supported and defended those who have been accomplices in helping a known scam artist, Jim Bakker, to create a market of fear through their failed prophecies – and then sell untold thousands of dollars worth of survival products, including geodesic dome houses on his 700 acre property in Missouri in order for Christians to survive the tribulation. Is peddling the Word of God for obscene amounts of money important to you?

      By supporting Cahn and Biltz you are supporting those who have published and promoted their books, created documentaries, etc. – but who also publish and promote some of the worst heresies of this generation. Is that important to you?

      If none of this matters to you – then you have joined the ranks of millions who don’t want to be bothered by the facts – and who have also become an accomplice to all of the above, because when we promote, support and defend teaching like this, then we share in their deception. Is that important to you?

      You see, all of this does matter if someone wants to live responsibly before the Lord. Does that matter to you?

      There’s far more at stake here concerning your own welfare, testimony and responsibility before the Lord. We will all be held accountable for what we believe and for what we pass on to others. Is that important to you? Does that affect you?

      It should. And I believe it does.

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