Homosexuality and the Bible: ABI Survey Results

Below are the results from the survey concerning ABI readers’ views on homosexuality and the Bible. (The survey was launched on April 20.)

The link to the survey was sent to the 550+ ABI Facebook Group members, 850+ Facebook friends, as well as the 470 recipients of the ABI Update emailings (although there is obviously overlap between the three groups). There have been 104 respondents so far.

Concerning the Results

The statements were presented in pairs, generally representing the two opposing views as they are often expressed concerning this subject. However, this was not to suggest that these are the only possible views. nor that one of each pair would or should have necessarily exactly represented the views held by each respondent.

Therefore, as can be seen from the results, not everyone selected one from each pair. I think this probably indicates that some are still not completely decided in certain areas. And I’m sure that some were not comfortable with selecting one because neither reflected their particular view closely enough, which is understandable given the complexity of the issue (which I will discuss in another blog in the near future).

It is also worth noting that the results of this survey indicate that the majority of ABI readers, as a group, hold a far more conservative position on this issue than any other demographic I have seen – including evangelicals as a whole.

Survey Results

The numbers in parentheses are the total number (and %) of respondents (out of 104) who selected each statement.

(103, 99.04%)  The Bible teaches that homosexual behavior (in all its forms) is always sinful without exception.
(0, 0.00%)  The biblical statements concerning homosexuality reflect ancient cultural norms and values that need not be applied directly in a modern society.

(100, 96.15%)  Those who consider themselves homosexual or who have homosexual urges should be encouraged to find deliverance in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
(2, 1.92%)  Sexuality is a strictly personal matter and we should not concern ourselves with the sexual behavior of others.

(5, 4.81%)  Christ’s teaching and example mandates that we should recognize that God has created us with all manner of physical and psychological differences including sexual orientation.
(84, 80.77%)  That the Bible refers to homosexuality as sinful indicates that it is a learned behavior and a matter of choice.

(103, 99.04%)  The Bible’s consistent teaching is that sexual relations must be within marriage and that marriage is to be exclusively heterosexual.
(0, 0.00%)  The Bible is more concerned about love and fidelity in a monogamous relationship, regardless of sexual orientation.

(6, 5.77%)  The type of homosexual behavior condemned in the Bible is abusive deviant behavior, not relationships between consenting partners.
(90, 86.54%) The relevant passages in the Bible give no indication that a distinction is being made between different “types” of homosexual behavior or that some are acceptable and some are not.

(0, 0.00%)  The growing trend in the American church to accept homosexuality (in its various forms) is something that is long overdue for a group that has long experienced discrimination by Christians.
(99, 95.19%)  The growing trend in the American church to accept homosexuality (in its various forms) is yet another example of the church compromising biblical standards and accommodating anti-scriptural thinking.

1 Comment
  1. Thank you for this survey result. It is reflective of my
    views as well (the 80-100%). I believe the reason for such
    widespread acceptance of aberrant sexual practices today is
    because the Bible says that in the last days lawlessness would
    abound, and that they would heap unto themselves teachers and
    with itching ears would believe lies. This is all leading to
    belief in The Lie: that antichrist ,when he is manifest to the
    world, is the Messiah. I stand in awe just knowing I am in
    possesion of the knowledge of the truth,and that Truth has set
    me free in such a time as this.

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