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Review of Killing Jesus (Bill O’Reilly) by Andreas Kostenberger for The Gospel Coalition . . . (more →)

Pillar that could validate King David’s era being suppressed by authorities due to Arab-Israeli conflict . . . (more →)

David James responds to Dr. David Reagan’s article in Lamplighter magazine (which defends Jonathan Cahn and The Harbinger, while targeting critics of the book) . . . (more →)

Church of England Envisions ‘Christianity-Centered Pagan Church’. . . (more →)

Nephilim are from Mars, Fallen Angels are from Krypton . . .  (more →)

Second Coming of the Pagan God Apollo (Post-modern Prophetic Paradigm craziness) . . . (more →)

Believing the Islamic Lie . . . (more →)

Pope leads Catholics in first worldwide ‘Holy Hour’. . .(more →)

Gay marriage would ‘force Queen to break sovereign promise’. . .(more →)

WAR DRUMS: Assad vows to strike Israel . . . (more →)

The Harbinger author, Jonathan Cahn, was recently on the Dani Johnson program. Discernment researcher Gaylene Goodroad has much to say concerning Ms. Johnson . . . (more →)

Even Atheists have been redeemed by Jesus according to Pope Francis: “Even them. Everyone.” . . . (more →)

Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man Causes Stir with Reference to Bible Prophecy Teacher “Chuck Missler” . . . (more →)

Egypt’s highest ranking Muslim cleric wants all Jews removed from Jerusalem . . . (more →)

Dave Hunt’s classic books are now back in print . . . (more →)

End Time Prophet to America? Lamb and Lion Ministries founder, David Reagan, refers to Jonathan Cahn as “An End Time Prophet to America” on the cover of the May / June edition of his “Lamplighter” magazine . . . (more →)

ROB BELL AFFIRMS HOMOSEXUALITY: Larry DeBruyn discusses Bell’s disclosure at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral on March 17 . . . (more →)

NAR (New Apostolic Reformation): Caryl Matrisciana answers an important question from a reader concerning this rapidly growing segment of the Charismatic movement . . . (more →)

“CHRISTIAN PALESTINIANISM and the Anti-Israel Crusade” is an issue of great significance in the developments in the Middle East. Paul Wilkinson has become an expert in researching and exposing this threat to the very existence of the nation of Israel, which includes many self-identified evangelicals . . . (more →)

NEPHILIM / UFO ESCHATOLOGY is one of the fastest growing theological issues in some segments of the church and involves ongoing unbiblical speculation concerning ongoing demonic cohabitation with human women, alien abductions and DNA manipulation, dimensional portals or “stargates,” and the coming end-times deception. It is being promoted by men like Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, L.A. Marzuli, Gary Stearman and others. Discernement researcher and writer Gaylene Goodroad provides valuable information in this important article. . . (more →)

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